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Who's watching out for you

Risk Management

Organizations are faced with a myriad of risks that can threaten cash flows, reduce the organization's value, and even put organizations out of business.  The majority of these risks are not covered by standard insurance policies, and so they must be proactively identified, controlled, and financed by the organization itself.  Unfortunately, many organizations haven't developed the tools and processes to better manage their retained risks.    

Our Risk Management and Compliance services teach you how to identify, categorize, and quantify your organization's risks.  We create Risk Assessments to help you see the likelihood and impact of various threats to your organization and help you develop strategies to focus resources where they are most needed.  Unlike other Risk Managers consultants who focus only on controlling risk, we also help you identify ways to finance risk, mitigate the cost of losses, and implement risk management programs that adapt to your organization's changes over time.

Our risk management program is grounded on the premise that if you haven't identified your risks, you aren't managing your risks.


Since 1989, we've helped organizations explore the feasibility of qualified self insurance, captive insurance, risk retention groups, and risk sharing arrangements.  We help you identify the risks, rewards, costs, and savings potential in using these options and compare them to your current insurance program. 

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