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Feasibility Study Services

Captive Insurance Company and RRG Feasibility Studies

Since 1989 we've helped physicians determine whether a captive insurance company, risk retention group (RRG), or other risk financing option made sense for them.  We help clients navigate the maze of captive insurance alternatives and feasibility considerations.  Our services include:

  • Documenting your key goals and objectives; 
  • Determining which approach - a captive or RRG - is best for you;
  • Assessing the risks to insure in the captive / RRG;
  • Comparing options for captive / RRG ownership;
  • Evaluating regulatory opportunities and constraints;
  • Identifying your options for captive / RRG insurance licenses;
  • Identifying resource requirements and costs;
  • Quantifying prospective savings and risks;
  • Developing pro forma financial statements and cash flow analysis;
  • Summarizing qualitative aspects of the options; and
  • Recommending a conceptual business plan for the captive / RRG if such is feasible.

During the feasibility study process, we work to educate you, your CPA, and your attorney about the captive insurance concept while we gain a better understanding of your business and the opportunities and challenges that captive insurance might address.   If actuarial work is needed, we'll find an independent actuary with expertise in your industry and risk profile to assist.   

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