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Who's watching out for you

What is Captive Insurance

Captive insurance is a new way for you to insure yourself against malpractice lawsuits.

A captive insurance company is a corporation that you and other physicians set up to write your own malpractice insurance policies, control the premiums you pay, minimize the potential of lawsuits, determine how claims are handled, and ultimately recoup the premium you pay through investment earnings.

 The captive company, not its members or officers, is liable for the risks of a claim.  The captive partners with top-rated reinsurance companies to help minimize risk and exposure, while allowing the captive to assume as much risk as possible.  

Traditional malpractice insurance leaves many physicians uncertain.  With captive insurance, you know exactly what is covered in your policy and how to reduce risks of a claim.  Traditional insurance works reactively, building a case after a claim is filed.  Captive insurance is proactive, helping you work through each situation-often preventing a lawsuit.

Best of all, an insurance captive offers you ownership in a value-growth company.  You control how pooled premiums are invested, and you may recoup some of your premiums when you retire or leave the captive.

A captive insurance company was originally one which insured only the risks of its parent and sister companies as its main source of business. The term has since become used for any insurance company set up in a captive domicile, to take advantage of specific "captive" legislation. The different types of captive that are popular nowadays are as follows:

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