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Who's watching out for you

Focus on Your Passsion

Total Captive Solutions, LLC will complete a needs assessment or prefeasibility study for your company to make sure you have adequate funding for the project before you go through the expense of hiring an agent, actuary and attorney.

The assessment will evaluate your group's loss and premium history and compare it to the average paid losses and listed premium rates in your geographic area.  This data will help you determine how much up front equity investment will be required from the members.  It will also determine what the premiums need to be by class and specialty in order to adequately fund expected losses and operating expenses.

We consider this assessment part of our due dilligence and research of all new clients and it is offered to you at no charge.  You are under no obligation to hire Total Captive Solutions to perform future services for your company.  We simply gather some preliminary data from the interested members and supply you with some basic information about self insured medical malpractice captives.  If the assessment determines that the core group has enough premium and equity to move forward, then Total Captive Solutions will make a formal proposal to provide services.

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